Zapya for PC Windows 7/8/10 or XP free download

Zapya for pc is the fastest cross platform file sharing app that allows users to share videos , photos, music and more Zapya is super easy to use and supports multi-languages . Day by day , usage of Windows application have been rapidly growing. So the file sharing are done with Zapya  , with the high speed of file sharing between one Windows device to another Windows device. Zapya for Windows is a file sharing tool that uses local  Wi-Fi networks to transfer files at higher speeds . Zapya file sharing for Windows make a secure connection between both the Windows user’s.

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File Sharing:

  • Single Time Paring:

Once a sharing session is initiated, you can keep transferring content  without worrying about being prompted about pairing over and over again.

  • Application Availability:

Easily download at Google Play Stores .

Zapya app manager that allows launching, deleting, uninstalling, renaming, backing up and checking properties.

For all your data transfers, the app maintains a detailed log regarding the type of data, the time of sharing, the recipient(s) .

Without any interruption in Wi-Fi and hotspot.

App allows you to set a custom connection password and specify a whitelist of trusted the users.

 Key features:

-Zapya can save internet charges.

– It allows free file  sharing and transferring file using the wireless network .

– App allows you to share large file size with short period of time ,without any interruption .

-File can be share between any platform .

-Some of the  function ,you can enjoy multiple game with multiplayer.Play games with family and friends without any  data.

– Personalized content and QR codes can be shared through QR codes.With this function you can instantly join with group or you can transfer data quickly.

-It offers,more transferring speed, up to 200 times faster than a Bluetooth.

-Group sharing:This feature allows you to share multiple files of any format with group.

Group Share in Zapya



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